Charlie parker - yardbird in lotus land

Jazz has been called the purest expression of American democracy; a music built on individual and compromise, independence and cooperation. Join us for an exploration ...

This nicely priced and packaged two-disc set is a convenient, introductory primer compilation to Parker's music for the average listener. What we have here are 38 tracks spread over two discs that touch on Parker's greatest musical achievements; the sides that are considered -- in most cases -- his groundbreaking work; his greatest compositions and arrangements in what are generally considered the best-known or most representative versions. What is very important about this box set is that it's the first multi-label best-of view retrospective. Up until this, any such compilations were single-label-driven affairs, but with this, the average listener -- indeed, the novice coming to Parker's music for the first time, having heard the legend but not the message -- has all the important stop-off points. The first disc features all the Guild and Musicraft sides with Dizzy Gillespie collected here, followed by the groundbreaking Dial and Savoy singles. The second disc continues Bird's seminal recordings for Dial and Savoy, plus a brace of important sides cut for Granz' Clef label are here. Following those are the inclusion of three performances from Summit Meeting At Birdland , taken from a live radio broadcast of an all-star lineup featuring Bird , Dizzy Gillespie and Bud Powell . While the Bird -with-strings sessions are Parker's all-time best-selling recordings, it's no small surprise that these tracks were also the licensing glitch that keeps this project from being truly complete. But certainly the next best thing are the live recordings of Bird's quintet with strings and oboe from the Legendary Rockland Palace Concert , selections of which close out the second disc and this compilation. While naysayers will carp about what isn't here, the fact remains that this is simply the best introduction to Bird's music.

In both Takes the piece starts with a 32-bar introduction, split into four 8-bar phrases, each likely written by Gillespie:

During this time, New York City's 52nd Street was ablaze with jazz, but it was Uptown in Harlem where bebop was on the rise. At Harlem after-hour clubs like Monroe's and Minton's, Bird and Diz played their freshly minted solos at a blistering pace, a clear challenge to the swing-oriented 52nd Street sound. At Minton's, the two friends formed a house band with pianist Thelonious Monk and drummer Kenny Clarke. As jazz historian Stanley Crouch says, "[they] were really trying to find a way to play that was interesting to them"

Albany was the focus of a 1980 documentary titled, Joe Albany... A Jazz Life . [3] His daughter Amy-Jo wrote a memoir about her father called, Low Down: Junk, Jazz, and Other Fairy Tales from Childhood . [6] The book was adapted for the screen and released in 2014 as the biopic Low Down . [7]

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Charlie Parker - Yardbird In Lotus LandCharlie Parker - Yardbird In Lotus LandCharlie Parker - Yardbird In Lotus LandCharlie Parker - Yardbird In Lotus Land