Mischief brew - bacchanal 'n' philadelphia

Today, John and I skyped again, this time on my phone.  It's so cool how that works.  I also said some candid stuff about some personal tragedies I've gone through recently.  A buddy of mine died, and I've been missing him a lot.  I haven't cried though, which is weird.  I'd like to.  On Saturday, I tried to make myself cry by putting on a Bright Eyes record, and watching "Searching For A Friend For The End of the World".  And I didn't shed a tear.  Damnit!  Here's the playlist

Mischief Brew has announced a new release. It will be called Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia . The release is an archival release featuring some of the band's earliest recordings including the Mischief Brew side of the Bellingham & Philadelphia release as well as the Bakenal EP. It will be out soon via Square of Opposition Records.

Order a vinyl version from Square Of Opposition Records:

Mischief Brew - Bacchanal 'N' PhiladelphiaMischief Brew - Bacchanal 'N' PhiladelphiaMischief Brew - Bacchanal 'N' PhiladelphiaMischief Brew - Bacchanal 'N' Philadelphia